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Welcome to Faded Fins
We specialize in 1955 - 1956 Cadillac Car Parts. I bought my first Cadillac, a 1956 Coupe De Ville over 20 years ago and have been passionate about Cadillac’s ever since. After spending 5 + years restoring that 1956 Coupe and then subsequently owing and working on several others including a 1957 Brougham, 1955 Biarritz, a 1958 Seville and a 1959 Convertible it became clear that there was a desperate need for parts to not only keep these cars on the road but to help restore them to their former glory. Faded Fins was born out of this need.

I specialize in used, OEM parts to ensure proper fit and quality. I normally have 20 - 24 cars that I am parting out at any given time, this way I have the correct part from the correct year and model of Cadillac. This is important because there were so many different models made, and the parts do not always interchange not only from year to year, but from model to model. With so many cars and so many parts it is impossible to list all my parts so please e-mail me with your requests and I will do my very best to help you.

Please check out my E-Bay Store to view some of the parts I currently have off and for sale, but remember, if you don’t see it listed, ask!
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